The Salt Road, The Salt Hills, and The Outskirts

Your adventure begins with a northbound passage on the Salt Road toward Limlight. The road passes through low, rolling hills capped with sparse trees and mounds of stone. It is said, in elder days, that the ancient race buried their heroic dead here. Some of the hills are, indeed, hollow, houses for the still-living dead.

A constant wind blows off Storm Fetch Bay, coating many of the rocks in this area in a layer of white salt. The salt only covers the northwest faces of hills and rocks giving them a painted, ghostly appearance.

These are the Salt Hills, a dangerous region of Limlight’s outskirts. A haunted misty moor that serves as a lonely passage boundary to the south and east of Limlight.

Further in, the hills break into rugged farmsteads. A hardy folk have settled this land, driving back the night terrors and coaxing a hard living from the salt-sewn soils. They chiefly farm fedeskin, a hardy grain that seems to thrive in the mineral-laden land. Fedeskin brews well to make the dark, hardy beer Blackleech Brew. A bracing drink famous to the region of Limlight.

Many adventurers and Guard hail from the Outskirts. The people there are independent, strong, and used to dealing with trouble. In fact, it can be said they have a knack for it. Members of The Guard can often find a welcome home and warm bed should they need it while passing through these lands. The cost is usually an earfull of ‘old tales’ by the fireside…

The Salt Road, The Salt Hills, and The Outskirts

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